Easter with Hillsong Stockholm

Easter at Hillsong Church Stockholm included two services; Good Friday, a service with worship and communion and, Easter Sunday. Both services were at the venue Cirkus in Stockholm. Pictures by Hillsong Church Stockholm.

Set Design:  Isak Gabre and Rebecka Roberts.
programmer and operator: Rebecka Roberts

“For the Good Friday service, I used halogen Sunstrips and four Sharpys below the screen. We had 14x Martin Mac Auras in a semi-circle on the floor, and a beautiful LED wash with a smooth face. The service mostly had slow and powerful songs, hence the sunstrips to glow and build. The cross was lowered mid-service and had a warmer halogen tone which helped with a softer look. The Auras were perfect for bringing lots of color to the stage and the wide zoom is really smooth and can be used to vary the touch of the stage from soft to sharp. For the unplugged acoustic set I used the Sharpys in still positions to contrast the laid-back music with something more edgy.

For Easter Sunday we brought in more Sharpys and did four Sharpy clusters with three Sharpys in each cluster. This really widened the stage and brought more life, which provided more options for the upbeat songs. I love the red color in the Sharpy color wheel which, together with the “panned out clusters” created a really great look for preaching. Working with the frost on the Sharpys helps when you want to avoid the “too-many-Sharpys-look”

Easter Concert

Hillsong på Cirkus – 20 April from Hillsong Stockholm on Vimeo.

Hillsong Church Stockholm hosted this year’s Easter Sunday at the venue Cirkus.

A few months previous to Easter we bought the GrandMa 2 PC Command Wing. With the wing we can pre-program before we get to the venue since we only get access to the venue the day of. We got the patch list for all the house gear in advance, drew up the stage in GrandMa 3D and were able to program most of the songs ahead of time. Everything is done with presets. Once we get inside the venue, we connect the house desk (a full-size GrandMa) and update all the presets and we are pretty much ready to go. The house desk is located on a high located shelf, so I set up our desk on the floor to see get the visitors’ experience when I update presets. This is an ideal way to work since it allows us to do so much work ahead of time. On the day of, we set up some extra moving heads on the floor and hung the cross equals heart in, written in fluorescent tubes.