Recording Bluegrass Part 3 – Liverecording

On the 11th November 2014 we had a concert at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm.
This was the third and final recording for my bluegrass project.

Lead vocals/mandolin/drum: Rebecka Roberts
Violin/vocals: Jonas Bergroth
Banjo/dobro/vocals: Anton Lindsjö
Guitar/vocals: Joakim Tidermark

Recording a live concert with an audience comes with some challenges.
Our sound engineer Erik Metall received a list one week before with our setlist and what instruments we’d be playing so that he could prepare, which set us all up for a win. The only changes we did on the spot with the microphones was that Erik switched my vocal mic when he realized that I’d be singing most of the lead parts. The Neumann KMS105 made a lot of puff noises so we put a protection on it. The audience mics didn’t really pick up much of the audience but worked more as ambience/room mics in the mix.

Leadvocals Rebecka: Neumann KMS105
Other vocals: Shure Beta58
Violin: DPA4099
Banjo: DPA4099
Dobro: Shure SM57
Acoustic Guitar: DPA4099
Drum: Shure SM57
Audience: Neumann KM184

Down in the River
Man of Constant Sorrow
Shine Your Light //Rebecka Roberts
Béla Bartók piece – rearranged for the setting
I’ll Fly Away
Hey You //Rebecka Roberts
Will the circle be unbroken


English subtitles:

Full concert: